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Women’s Active Tights - Good Indian
Women’s Active Tights - Good Indian
Women’s Active Tights - Good Indian
Women’s Active Tights - Good Indian
Women’s Active Tights - Good Indian
Women’s Active Tights - Good Indian
Women’s Active Tights - Good Indian
Women’s Active Tights - Good Indian
Women’s Active Tights - Good Indian

Women’s Active Tights

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Rs. 1,699.00
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Keep your cool and your goals

Crafted from superior wicking fabric, these women's yoga tights keep you cool, no matter how intense the session. The thoughtful design enhances your performance, supporting you in achieving your personal bests.

  • Flatlock seams throughout entire garment for less chafing and increased comfort
  • Higher waist for increased comfort
  • Thigh phone pocket
  • Crotch gusset
  • No CF seam for clean front look
  • Logo print at front
  • Logo print at back

Tap your power

There’s only one way to find your best, keep going. With the comfort of lightweight fabric with the confidence of a high-waisted hold, you can go as far as you want to take it. These workout tights for women are designed to empower your every move.

Outlast your last

No matter your workout style – be it cardio, HIIT, or hitting the bars – these sports tights for women are performance-driven. Feel the freedom and confidence that propels you to push your limits, outlasting your previous achievements.

Feel lighter & go higher 

From the moment these high waisted gym tights touch your skin, you'll experience an unparalleled lightness. This sensation propels you forward, unburdened by any resistance from your activewear. Elevate your every stride and stretch with ease.

73% Re- polyester, 27% spandex, weight: 260g/m2

Size Waist ( In Inches ) Height ( In Inches) 
XS 23 - 24 36
S 25 - 26 36
M 28 - 29 37
L 29 - 30 37
XL 31 - 32 38
XXL 32 - 34 39

Our garments are light knit , with moisture wicking tech. We highly recommend to take good care while washing, and to follow instructions below

1. Use cold water & Mild detergent
2. Do not rub harshly
3. Iron is not need
4. Recommend to avoid washing machine with regular payload.
5. If washing machine has to be used, use gentle cycle with cold water.

Move To Next Level

Immerse yourself in relaxation mode.

High waist tights that are perfect for those high jumps and hops. Experience the comfort of a fabric that gives unbeatable breathability and keeps you cool.






Frequently Asks Questions

Sports tights for women offer a snug and supportive fit, allowing for a full range of motion during workouts. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry and comfortable, making them ideal for various physical activities.

High waisted gym tights provide a secure and comfortable fit, offering extra coverage and support around the waist. This design helps you feel confident and maintain proper form during exercises.

Absolutely! Activewear tights are versatile and stylish, making them suitable for casual outings, running errands, or even meeting up with friends. Their comfortable design transitions seamlessly from the gym to everyday life.

Cycling tights for women are designed with padding and ergonomic features that enhance comfort during long rides. The stretchable fabric moves with you and reduces friction, ensuring a more enjoyable cycling experience.

Women's yoga tights are crafted from flexible materials that allow unrestricted movement during yoga poses. Their comfortable fit and moisture-wicking properties keep you focused on your practice.

Absolutely! Training tights for women offer a compression-like fit that supports your muscles and enhances circulation. This makes them perfect for intense training sessions and activities that require dynamic movement.

Running tights for women are designed specifically for running, with features like moisture-wicking fabric, a streamlined fit, and reflective details for safety in low-light conditions. They provide the comfort and functionality needed for a great run.

Workout tights for women are designed to provide a comfortable and supportive fit, allowing you to focus on your movements. The moisture-wicking fabric helps keep you cool and dry, helping you perform at your best.